Turtle Beach Hut a-18 for Families & Events

Turtle Beach offers a wide range of beautiful bungalows, where you can feel comfortable with your family on the beachfront. Here are some pictures of different huts available in Turtle Beach Karachi. Turtle beach Karachi has most of the deluxe huts depending on your requirement, the price for the deluxe hut starts from 15,000 rupees/- […]

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Turtle Beach Hut 80a for Families & Events

Turtle Beach Hut 80a for Families & Events. 2 bedrooms with 2 tiled bathrooms, large lounge and dining area, well furnished, excellent sandy beach, private parking, large covered terrace, stove with gas cylinder. Generator (you need to bring gasoline) Prices are 10 hours and groups of up to 20 people only. Contact us to confirm […]

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