Burj Al Swat A luxury Hotel In Mingora you love to Stay AT

Themed Hotel, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, and a multi-storey luxury hotel located opposite FizaGhat Mingora Swat KPK is the prominent and heart weaving stay over place in Swat. Swat Tour Packages Hotel has 39 Deluxe rooms and 4 sweet rooms, each room with best view of Swat River.Sure to make you leave your home behind, step-vised […]

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Kashmir, a Land of Unimaginable Beauty

Soak your memories in a warm cup of Kahwah Tea, while indulging in the varied landscapes of Kashmir. Take in the crisp misty air, while gorging on warm Kashmiri pulao and home-made Rista. Feel your heart synchronize with the gushing waters that travel from the glaciers above. Dust the snow off your shoulders after a […]

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Siri Paye

Siri Paye is a high mountain lake at an elevation of 3.058m (10,032ft) above the sea degree, positioned in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. the common gradient is 11.2%, with a few sections up to fifteen%. The street to the summit is difficult. it’s a 4×4 gravel street, very slim and steep. the path needs […]

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Snorkeling in Karachi

Snorkeling in Karachi, This article is based on Snorkeling benefits and best places for Snorkel,It is a water based activity which is practiced throughout the world. Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity for the world class resort as it helps in calming a busy mind and help in understanding yourself better. Although it is not a psychological activity as […]

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Travelling especially in winters is something everyone wants to do. A lot of people have a long dream list of different countries where they want to visit at least once in their lives. But during preparing the list unfortunately we forget those beautiful destinations which exist in our own country due to many reasons in […]

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Balochistan Moola Chotak Khuzdar

Moola Chotak, a place which attracts a lot of hearts to itself. Everyone whether he is local or foreigner, after just watching a glimpse of it, he will continuously make efforts to visit Moola Chotak. So people no need to make any efforts now, just reach us, DriversClub and we will facilitate you through our […]

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